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Уровень: Pre-Intermediate

Темы для разговорного клуба на английском языке

1.  Do you like travelling by train?

2.  How often do you travel by train?

3.  When did you last travel by train?

4.  Can you remember your first train trip?

5.  How much time did you spend on your longest train journey?

6.  What are the advantages of going by train?

7.  What are the disadvantages of going by train?

8.  Do you prefer a lower berth or an upper one?

9.  What do you usually do while travelling in a train?

10. Do you prefer to take some food with you or to buy it on the road?

11.  Do you like visiting a dining car?

12. Do you prefer to go out at the stations or to stay in the carriage?

13. Do you prefer to socialize with other passengers or to keep alone?

14. Have you ever met a very interesting person on your train trip?

15. Have you ever continued your train acquaintance?

16. How do you feel about separating compartments for men and women?

17. What should be improved in trains?

18. Will railway disappear in the future?