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Уровень: Intermediate

Разговорный язык

1.  How many hours a week do you watch TV?

2.  Is there more than one TV set in your home?

3.  Do you usually leave the TV on when you aren’t watching?

4.  Can you fall asleep in front of a working TV set?

5.  What kind of TV programmes do you like?

6.  What kind of TV programmes don’t you like?

7.  What’s your favourite TV progamme?

8.  Who’s your favourite TV star?

9.  What’s your favourite TV channel?

10. How do you decide what to watch on TV?

11. Do you ever download missed TV programmes from Internet?

12. How has TV changed over the recent years?

13. What do you think about reality shows?

14. Can you remember being choked by a TV programme?

15. Is there too much violence on TV?

16. Should some TV programmes be banned to protect children?

17. How big is the influence of TV on people’s lives?

18. Can you imagine your life without TV?