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Уровень: Upper-Intermediate

Темы для разговорного английского клуба

1.  What's success?

2.  Who's the most successful person?

3.  Do you like reading or watching stories of success?

4.  Are successful people happier than others?

5.  How do you measure success?

6.  Which does success mostly depend on: luck or hard-working?

7.  What are the advantages of being successful?

8.  What are the disadvantages of being successful?

9.  How important success for you?

10. How successful are you compared with your friends?

11. Can you remember you first success?

12. Can you tell about the biggest success in your life?

13. Can you tell about your last success?

14. How often do you feel successful?

15. Can you feel successful within you, without recognizing by others?

16. Do you usually notice small successes you have every day?

17. Is it possible to teach success?

18. What would life be like if we didn’t recognize success?