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Уровень: Pre-Intermediate

Темы для разговорного клуба

1.  Do you prefer to give or to receive presents?

2.  Can you describe the first present you remember?

3.  Can you remember a present you wished for in your

     childhood, but never got?

4.  What’s the best present you’ve ever got?

5.  What’s the most expensive present you’ve ever got?

6.  What’s the most unusual present you’ve ever got?

7.  What’s the funniest present you’ve ever got?

8.  What’s the most useless present you’ve ever got?

9.  What kind of presents do you hate to get?

10. What occasions do you give or receive presents on?

11. Do you ever give presents for no obvious reason?

12. Do you enjoy shopping for presents?

13. Do you usually buy presents in advance or in the last minute?

14. What kind of presents do you like to give?

15. Are you good at gift-wrapping?

16. Can you tell about some gifts traditions in your country?

17. Do you know any gifts traditions in other countries?

18. Who do you find it most difficult to buy presents for?