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Уровень: Upper-Intermediate

Вопросы для разговорного клуба на английском

1.  How much are you interested in politics?

2.  Can you tell some recent political news?

3.  How often do you read articles or watch TV programmes

     on political issues?

4.  Do you like talking about politics?

5.  What are the main political problems in your country?

6.  What do you think about your country’s political system?

7.  What do you think about your country’s politicians?

8.  What qualities make a good political leader?

9.  Did you vote in the last election?

10. How do you decide who or what to vote for?

11. How have your political views changed during your lifetime?

12. How is it possible to get more people to vote?

13. How do you feel about stars who run for a position in politics?

14. Would you like to work in politics?

15. If you were a politician, what problems would you focus on?

16. What are the main political issues in the world?

17. What can cause a war?

18. What would the world be like without politics?