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Уровень: Pre-Intermediate

Английский клуб

1.  How often do you travel by plane?

2.  What do you like about flying?

3.  What do you dislike about flying?

4.  When did you first travel by plane?

5.  Do you have a favourite airline?

6.  Have you ever suffered from delays or cancellations of flights?

7.  Do you prefer travelling in a big plane or in a small one?

8.  How much hand luggage do you usually take with you?

9.  Which seat do you prefer: window, centre or aisle?

10. Do you enjoy takeoffs or landings?

11. What’s the longest flight you've ever taken?

12. What do you like doing during the flight?

13. Do you usually like food on board?

14. Can you sleep during the flight?

15. Do you enjoy talking with strangers in a plane?

16. How safe do you feel on board?

17. What’s the worst thing you've ever experienced during the flight?

18. How would life be different if people stopped travelling by plane?