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Уровень: Intermediate

Клуб английского языка

1.  Where do you usually get the news from?

2.  How often do you read newspapers?

3.  Do you ever buy newspapers?

4.  Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?

5.  What’s in the news today?

6.  How is it important to stay up to date with current affairs?

7.  Do you like being up to date with current affairs?

8.  Do you like discussing the news with your colleagues?

9.  What do you think about people who invent the news about themselves?

10. What do you think about reporters who invent the news?

11. What annoys you about reporting the news in your country?

12. What would you like to see more in the news?

13. What would you like to see less in the news?

14. How big is the influence of media on people’s minds?

15. Should some media be banned?

16. Will there still be newspapers in 100 years?

17. Have you ever been involved in a story that was featured in the news?

18. Can you imagine your life without the news?