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Уровень: Intermediate

Темы разговорного на английском языке

1.  How much time do you spend on listening to music?

2.  What kind of music do you like?

3.  What kind of music don’t you like?

4.  Do you like singing?

5.  Do you like dancing?

6.  Can you play any musical instrument?

7.  How does music make you feel?

8.  Can you concentrate on other things while listening to music?

9.  Can you fall asleep while listening to music?

10. Can music affect unborn children?

11. Can music heal sick people?

12. Can animals enjoy music?

13. Why is music so important to culture?

14. Do people from different culture react to music in different ways?

15. How have your musical tastes changed since your teenage years?

16. Will your favourite music in 20 years be the same as today?

17. What will the next piece of music technology?

18. What would the world be like without music?