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Уровень: Pre-Intermediate

Темы по английскому

1.  Do you like visiting museums?

2.  How often do you visit museums?

3.  When did you last visit a museum?

4.  Can you remember your first visit to a museum?

5.  What’s the most famous museum you’ve ever been to?

6.  How do you decide which museum to visit?

7.  Do you prefer small or big museums?

8.  Do you usually get some information about the museum before visiting it?

9.  What do you think of interactive tours about museums?

10. Do you prefer walk about a museum independently or with a guide?

11. How do you feel about audioguides?

12. What museum has impressed you most of all?

13. Can you describe the exhibit which has impressed you the most?

14. Have you ever been shocked with an exhibit or a whole museum?

15. Have you ever been disappointed with a museum which was advertised a lot?

16. How often do you recommend museums to your friends?

17. Do you usually buy some books or souvenirs about museums you've visited?

18. How do you imagine museums in the future?