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Уровень: Upper-Intermediate

Темы по английскому языку

1.  What laws in your country do you like?

2.  What laws in your country don’t you like?

3.  Is anything that is not prohibited by law allowed?

4.  Is it OK sometimes to break the law?

5.  Have you ever broken the law?

6.  Have you ever got into trouble for breaking the law?

7.  Have you ever used a lawyer?

8.  Have you ever been in a court?

9.  What should be done to improve the courts?

10. Are there different laws for the rich and the poor?

11. Would you like to be a lawmaker?

12. What laws would you introduce?

13. What laws would you take from other countries?

14. What laws would you never take from other countries?

15. What’s the craziest law you’ve ever heard about?

16. How do you feel about death penalty?

17. What do you think of replacing all national laws by international laws?

18. What would the world be like without laws?