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Уровень: Pre-Intermediate

Темы разговорного английского

1.  What kind of food do you like?

2.  What kind of food don’t you like?

3.  Do you like fast food?

4.  How often do you eat out?

5.  What’s your favourite restaurant?

6.  Do you ever get takeaway food?

7.  Are you good at cooking?

8.  Is eating mostly a chore or a pleasure for you?

9.  What time do you usually have dinner?

10. Do you usually eat at the same time on weekdays and at weekends?

11. Do you have a healthy diet?

12. Do you care where the food you eat comes from?

13. Do you avoid any food or drinks for health reasons?

14. What do you think about vegetarians?

15. When you eat out, do you prefer something new or what you know?

16. What’s the most unusual dish you've ever tried?

17. Have your tastes changed since your childhood?

18. How has food changed over the recent years?