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Уровень: Pre-Intermediate

Темы для разговорного клуба

1.  What kind of art do you like?

2.  What kind of art don’t you like?

3.  Do you enjoy visiting art galleries?

4.  When did you last visit an art gallery?

5.  Do you have a favourite piece of art?

6.  Do you have a favourite artist?

7.  Have you ever seen any famous works of art?

8.  Have you ever been shocked by a piece of art?

9.  Do you always believe what art critics say?

10. What do you think of modern art?

11. What do you think of street art?

12. What do you think of body art?

13. Do you have any artistic talents?

14. Should children study art at school?

15. Have you got any pictures at your walls?

16. If you could buy a great work of art, what would it be?

17. Should people buy expensive pieces of art instead of helping people in need?

18. What would life be like without art?