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Уровень: Intermediate

Уроки разговорного английского

1.  How do you feel about advertising?

2.  Are you easily persuaded to buy something after seeing or

     hearing an advertisement?

3.  What kind of advertisements attracts your attention?

4.  What’s the best advertisement you’ve ever seen?

5.  What’s the most shocking advertisement you’ve ever seen?

6.  What’s the funniest advertisement you’ve ever seen?

7.  What makes an advertisement memorable?

8.  Is advertising an art?

9.  Can your favourite celebrity persuade you to buy a product?

10. Are children and teenagers more influenced by advertising than adults?

11. Do you usually accept advertising fliers offered to you?

12. What’s the best form of advertising?

13. Have you ever placed an advertisement?

14. Have you ever been angry about an advertisement?

15. Should some advertisements be banned?

16. Should alcohol and tobacco companies be allowed to advertise?

17. What regulations should be applied to advertisements to protect consumers?

18. What would the world be like without advertising?