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Tower of London

Тема: Предлоги места


Type in www.sights-and-culture.com. Click on 'Great Britain', then on 'Tower of London', next on 'Tower map' and fill the gaps with prepositions of place.

1.  Brick Tower is __________________________________ Waterloo Block.

2.  Middle Tower is __________________________________ Byward Tower.

3.  Lanthorn Tower is ___________________________________ Salt Tower.

4.  Mint Street is _____________________ Casemates and Beauchamp Tower.

5.  Site of the Great Hall is ____________________________ Bloody Tower.

6.  Constable Tower is _____________________________ Fusiliers’ Museum.

7.  Flint Tower is ___________________________________ Bowyer Tower.

8.  Tower Green is __________________________________ Queen’s House.

9.  Coldharbour gate is ________________________________ White Tower.

10. Hospital Block is ________________ Fusiliers’ Museum and New Armouries.

11.  Cradle Tower is _______________________________ Wakefield Tower.

12. White Tower is _________________________________ Waterloo Block.


Tower of London