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Olympic Games 2012

Тема: Простое прошедшее время + Количественные числительные + Чтение

Веб-квест по английскому языку

Type in www.olympic.org. Next open 'Olympic Games' and select 'London 2012'. Then click on 'All Facts' and answer the following questions. 

1.  How big was the Olympic park? __________________________________

2.  How many accredited media were involved?__________________________

3.  How many athletes took part? ___________________________________

4.  How many countries participated? ________________________________

5.  How many meals were served? ___________________________________

6.  How many medal events were held?________________________________

7.  How many pieces of sport equipment were sourced?___________________

8.  How many spectator journeys were made?___________________________

9.  How many sports were contested? ________________________________

10. How many team officials worked? ________________________________

11. How many tickets were available? ________________________________

12. How many volunteers were enlisted? ______________________________


Olympic Games 2012