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Winston Churchill

Тема: Прошедшее время глагола to be + Чтение.


Type in www.wikipedia.org. Click on 'English', then enter 'Winston Churchill' in Search Engine. Read the article and answer the questions. Two or three right answers are possible.

1.  Winston Churchill was:

     a) a politician.        

     b) a writer.            

     c) an artist.


2.  He was British prime-minister:

     a) from 1940 to 1945.

     b) from 1945 to 1951.            

     c) from 1951 to 1955.


3.  His grandfather was:

     a) a duke.               

     b) a politician.        

     c) a millionaire.


4.  His father’s name was:

     a) George.               

     b) John.                 

     c) Randolph.

5.  He was born in:

     a) London.              

     b) Dublin.              

     c) Woodstock.


6.  He was very close to his:

     a) mother.               

     b) nanny.               

     c) brother.


7.  He went to:

     a) Brunswick School.  

     b) Harrow School. 

     c) St George’s School.


8.  At school he was:

     a) a brilliant pupil.           

     b) a good pupil.              

     c) a bad pupil.

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Winston Churchill