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Weather Forecast

Тема: Общие вопросы + Погода + Дни недели.

Type in www.bbc.com. Click on ‘Weather’ and enter a city in Search Engine. Look at the information and answer ‘Yes, it is’ or ‘No, it isn’t'.

1.  Is it hot in Auckland on Friday? __________________________________

2.  Is it cold in Buenos Aires on Tuesday? _____________________________

3.  Is it sunny in Cairo on Sunday? __________________________________

4.  Is it rainy in Dublin on Wednesday? ______________________________

5.  Is it windy in Irkutsk on Monday? ________________________________

6.  Is it snowy in Izmir on Thursday? ________________________________

7.  Is it hot in Krakow on Saturday? _________________________________

8.  Is it cold in Kyoto on Friday? ___________________________________

9.  Is it sunny in Los Angeles on Tuesday? _____________________________

10. Is it rainy in Sydney on Sunday? _________________________________

11. Is it windy in Toronto on Wednesday? _____________________________

12. Is it snowy in Vienna on Monday? ________________________________


Weather Forecast