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Weather Forecast

Тема: Общие вопросы + Погода + Дни недели.

Type in www.bbc.co.uk. Click on ‘Weather’ and type the city’s name in ‘Find a Forecast’. Look at the information and answer ‘Yes, it is’ or ‘No, it isn’t’. If there is no necessary day, click on ‘Further ahead’.

1.  Is it hot in Auckland on Friday? __________________________________

2.  Is it cold in Buenos Aires on Tuesday? _____________________________

3.  Is it sunny in Cairo on Sunday? __________________________________

4.  Is it rainy in Dublin on Wednesday? ______________________________

5.  Is it windy in Irkutsk on Monday? ________________________________

6.  Is it snowy in Izmir on Thursday? ________________________________

7.  Is it hot in Krakow on Saturday? _________________________________

8.  Is it cold in Kyoto on Friday? ___________________________________

9.  Is it sunny in Los Angeles on Tuesday? _____________________________

10. Is it rainy in Sydney on Sunday? _________________________________

11. Is it windy in Toronto on Wednesday? _____________________________

12. Is it snowy in Vienna on Monday? ________________________________